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Ałtaj - Your energy supplier.

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Ałtaj - Your energy supplier.

Ałtaj is a recognized supplier of heating products. We offer the highest quality products. Certified "Pelleton" wood pellets, hard coal, bagged eco-pea coal and nuts, sunflower husk pellets, wood and peat briquettes. We fulfill wholesale and retail orders throughout Poland and Europe.

Thanks to our own fleet of vehicles, we deliver goods quickly and directly to the customer.

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We oversee the quality and image of Polish wood pellets?

At our company, quality is a priority. We are dedicated to maintaining high standards and the prestige of Polish wood pellets, having been members of the Polish Pellet Council since 2019.

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You can be sure that our products are of the highest quality thanks to the certificates we have obtained!

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Meet our team! See that behind everything you see there are people! People ready to help you with your problem!

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Our company has one motto: quality and efficiency. See that when you use good fuel for your car, it is trouble-free and reaches its full potential! It's the same with your furnace... Take care of it!


This is a priority for us, which is why each of our products is carefully tested and checked!


It is very important, which is why your home, as well as your car, need the best quality fuel!



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