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Test Set of Our Products

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To meet the many requests we have received from our customers, we are introducing the possibility of test ordering our products.
The products that can be ordered as part of the test are: • PelletOn wood pellet
• Sunflower husk pellet
• Pinikay wood briquette
• Nestro "roller" wood briquette
• RUF "cube" wood briquette
• Peat briquette
• Premium eco-pea
• Ultra ultra eco-pea
• Premium wood bark – hand sorted – medium

Test order the most important information:
• the prices given apply to 1 bag of a given product (depending on the product, it may be 10, 15 kg or 25 kg) along with the delivery price (delivery cost is PLN 10)
• after proceeding to payment, please select the delivery point (available points collection points: post offices, Żabka stores, Lewiatan stores, Pocztex machines)

Price test order (the price includes delivery PLN 10):
Wood pellet PelletOn 1x15kg: PLN 40 gross (including delivery PLN 10)
Sunflower husk pellet 1x15kg: PLN 35 gross (including delivery PLN 10)
Pinikay wood briquettes 1x10kg: PLN 40 gross (including delivery PLN 10)
Wood briquettes "cylinder" Nestro 1x10kg: PLN 35 gross (including delivery PLN 10)
Wood briquettes "cube" RUF 1x10kg: PLN 35 gross (including delivery PLN 10)
Peat briquette 1x10kg: PLN 45 gross (including delivery PLN 10)
Eco-pea coal Premium 1x25kg: PLN 60 gross (including delivery PLN 10)
Eco-pea coal Ultra 1x25kg: PLN 65 gross (including delivery PLN 10)
Bagged walnut coal 1x25kg : PLN 70 gross (including delivery PLN 10)
Premium tree bark – hand sorted – medium 1x50l: PLN 50 gross (including delivery PLN 10)

Calorific value of heating products:
Wood pellet PelletOn 1x15kg: ≥ 16.5 MJ/kg (≥4.6kWh/kg)
Sunflower husk pellet 1x15kg: 17-19 MJ
Pinikay wood briquette 1x10kg: 19,000 -17,000 kJ/ kg
Nestro "roller" wood briquettes 1x10kg: 19000-17000 kj/kg
RUF "cube" wood briquettes 1x10kg: approx. 17000 kj/kg
Peat briquettes 1x10kg: approx. 18000-15000 kj/kg
Premium Eco-pea coal 1x25kg: 26 -24 MJ/kg
Ultra eco-pea coal 1x25kg: 26MJ/kg-28 MJ/kg
Premium walnut coal 1x25kg: Calorific value: 25-23 MJ/kg

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Test Product

Nestro wood briquettes, Pinikay wood briquettes, RUF wood briquettes, Peat briquettes, Premium eco-pea coal, Ultra eco-pea coal, Sorted garden bark, Pelleton wood pellets, Sunflower husk pellets, Bagged walnut coal


10kg, 15kg, 25kg, 50L


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