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Wholesale - Domestic

Minimum 24 tons.
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Wholesale - International

Minimum 24 tons
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Check out our offer for Eco-Pea Coal:

ultra altai eco-pea coal

Eco-Pea Coal - Pea “Ultra”

Dried "Eco-Pea Coal " -Pea “Ultra” produced by Ałtaj is a popular choice in the eco-pea market.

Altai premium eco-pea coal

Eco-Pea Coal - Pea “Premium”

Dried "Eco-Pea Coal" - Pea “Premium” produced by Ałtaj is an efficient, robust, bagged coal suitable for universal use.

standard bag of eco-pea coal

Eco-Pea Coal - Pea “Standard”

Dried "Eco-Pea Coal" Peas “Standard” produced by Ałtaj is an ecological fine coal suitable for furnaces with feeders.

Check out our Pellet Offer:

Pellet bag with sunflower seeds

Sunflower Husk Pellet "Power Sunflower"

Sunflower husk pellets are a high-energy, ecological heating product of the highest quality.

Certified Wood Pellet "Pelleton"
A1 EN Plus

Certified wood pellet Pelleton A1 EN Plus, as a unique wood pellet, is a product of the highest quality, made from natural raw material.

Check out our Briquette Offer:

Pini-Kay Premium Wood Briquettes

Ałtaj PINI KAY Premium wood briquettes are natural compressed hardwood sawdust that does not contain any artificial substances. It mainly comes in the form of an octagon.

Cube RUF
Wood Briquette

Ałtaj RUF Premium wood briquettes are natural, compressed, high-quality hardwood sawdust that does not contain any artificial additives.

Roller "Nestro"
Wood Briquette

Ałtaj Nestro Premium wood briquettes are compressed natural

 hardwood sawdust.

Dried Apple briquettes

Dried apple briquettes,
an entirely ecological form of huel. 


Peat briquettes

Peat Briquette

Altai peat briquettes are 100% ecological fuel. serving as an excellent substitute for coal and wood.


Check out our Coal Offer:



Walnut coal from Ałtaj is ideal for burning in traditional boilers.



Premium Ałtaj walnut charcoal

Premium Walnut Coal

The product has a high calorific value, no caking properties, while maintaining a low price. Before packing, the walnut is stored under a roof, which gives 100% certainty that the goods are dry.

Hard Coal

Polish manufacturer Ałtaj offers non-sintering, high-quality, dry hard coal cubes .



Also check out our other offers:

Wood fireplace

Firewood is dried using the drying chamber method ,ensuring a very low moisture level of 8-15%.

Pet Litter

Granulates in the form of wood pellets are natural litter consisting of coniferous wood fibers.

hand-sorted thick bark

Garden Pine Bark

Our Garden pine bark sourced from Polish sawmills. Pine bark is widely-used for maluching plants.

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